If during your assessment you come to an conclusion that patient is medically declining and will benefit from hospice services we are an phone call away

Our qualified team member will be meet with the patient at their convenient time either in hospital, nursing home or at their home and not only do an assessment but will educate patient and/or loved one about Victoria Hospice Services at no cost. Yes this service is at no cost to patient.

After assessment and evaluation of patient condition it is determined that patient qualifies and will benefit from hospice services and if patient and/or loved one chooses Victoria Hospice Services and if you also agree with our assessment patient can be admitted to our services right away. We admit 24/7.

For further information on admission to our services please feel free to call our qualified team member at 323-653-0544. You can also use the referral form and fill in the information or you can download and fax it over to us at 323


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