Patient eligibility criteria

Patients can be admitted to Care Must hospice services based on diagnosis or symptoms. You may call or fill in the referral form in this website under the referral tab.

The following describes the physical symptoms you may observe: End-of-life signs and helpful tips:

     Recurrent infections

     Continued weight loss

     Swallowing difficulties

     Shortness of breath

     Nausea/vomiting that does not respond

     well to medications

     Increased pain

     Increased edema or ascites

     Progressive weakness/fatigue

     Change in level of consciousness

     Increased confusion

     Increased ER visits/hospitalizations

     Decrease in ability to perform ADLs

     Increased skin fragility

     May withdraw from friends and family

     Spends more time sleeping

     Gradual decrease in eating and fluid intake

     Sleeping most of the time, but can be roused

     Changes in skin color

     Decrease in blood pressure

     Changes in breathing

     Continued decrease in food and fluids

     Difficulty or inability to swallow

     Decrease in blood pressure

     Changes in breathing

     Congestion or respiratory secretions


     Sleeping most of the time

     Mottling—blotchiness to skin

     Surge of energy or alertness

     Fluctuating body temperature

     May or may not have pain


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