What you can expect from Home Nurse?

As a responsible organization, as per your queries and requests, we want to tell you about home health care and how it will benefits you in the recovery procedure. Home Health Care comes into the picture when any patient gets discharged from a hospital or nursing home. There might be a scenario that recovery time is more or patients still need to keep under guidance. In such cases, doctors recommend a home nurse for the patients.  As doctor completely understands that patients can be kept under guidance in the home environment safe.

Home Nurse is also recommended to people by the doctor who is disabled.

Care Must provides licensed and skilled professional nurses and they will be recommended to you under the guidance of the doctors. We send health care professionals to your home to take care of the patient in all required ways and to motivate the patient for faster recovery.

Care Must team monitors all aspects of patients, their requirements, and recovery rate. There are a variety of services that Doctors ask us to provide which are suitable for the patients.

Some highly demanded  of them are :

  • Skilled Nursing – This includes medication assistance to the patient, wounds care, Lifestyle education, and managing IV treatments at home flexibly.
  • Rehabilitation – This involves Physical training, Occupational and Speech Therapy. Professionals manage the daily routines and exercise plans of the patient.

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Care Must believes in Social Work and we understand worlds need them for healing. They can help patients to share their pain and conversation with similar communities who are suffering or experienced similar pains.

Our Home Nurse can teach patients and family members easily to manage IV  therapy at home. Nurses will also take care of personal hygiene and personal care of the patient. The period of the nurse care will be decided as per the recovery rate of the patients. In max cases, it’s a short-term home health care campaign. These services will be part-time and intermittent also.

” Care Must goal is to make patient independent and help them heal into the healthy and happy home environment. “