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Home Health Care will help if you or your family member:

  • Has a new diagnosis or exacerbation of an established disease
  • Has a new drug
  • Needs teaching on the mechanism of illness or medicine
  • Is at risk for or suffering problems involving laboratory
  • Includes other advanced nursing services; (wound care, teaching, observation, and assessment)
  • Needs daily follow-up from the medical office.
  • Has routine re-hospitalization
  • Demonstrates habits that suggest the danger of falls
  • Physical therapy, occupational therapy, voice therapy, or social medical serviceIf all of the indicators listed above are important to your case, home health might be the solution.

Paying for Home Health Care

Home Health Care Services are provided by Medicare, Medicaid, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, and numerous health care plans. Our staff is available to check the incentives, arrange coverage and complete the billing process.

  1. Patient has a new diagnosis or exacerbation of chronic condition
  2. Patient has a fall risk (balance issues, weakness, new assistive device)
  3. Patient is at risk for readmission to the hospital in the weeks following discharge.
  • Care Must Physicians will open for patients within 24-48 hours of hospital discharge, allowing the patient to return seamlessly to their home environment.
  • Ensure that patients have a follow-up appointment with their provider within 5 days of release from the hospital, as instructed by doctors or by a discharging schedule.
  • Act for patients and doctors on reconciling medications.
  • Assess patients for fall risk, depression, side effects/adverse reactions, and immunization status.
  • Collaborate with other professional partners and doctors and improve the treatment strategy.

The duration and type of home health visits and the facilities given are dependent on your personal care schedule. Your doctor can change your treatment schedule, increase or decrease the number of visits or services given, in order to provide you with the best home health care to match your needs.

Absolutely, and we would have been proud to take care of you or your loved one. Federal reform grants people the right to select a health care provider.

Home  Health Care includes any professional support services that allow a person to live safely at home. Home care services can help someone who is ageing and needs assistance to live independently; manages chronic health problems; recovers from a medical setback; or has special needs or a disability. Professional caregivers, such as nurses, assistants and psychiatrists, offer short-term or long-term care at home, depending on the needs of the person.

The distinction between home health care and personal home care assistance is the need for eligible providers. Home health treatment includes specialist facilities that must come from the order of the physician. That includes topics like registered nurses, physical therapists, and occupational therapy.

Personal care assistance includes unskilled programs that are normally paid by private pay (not paid by insurance). This programs provide domestic aid, lodging, washing, and some light meal planning.

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Personal Care

We are professional caregivers who are always available to support our clients in their daily important activities in order to ensure their well-being.

Assistance for walking and switching from bed to wheelchair

Reporting status to the family

Reminders for prescription

Home Nursing Care, Safety and fall prevention

Bathroom, dressing, and hygiene assistance

Toileting and incontinence care