Home Health Care Services in San Jose

Our Services

Our Services

Your Care Is Our Responsibility

At Care Must Skilled Home Health, We offer a person-centered approach to keep seniors safe and sound at home, instead of anywhere else.

Home Health Aides

Certified Home Health Care Assistants support our residents with day-to-day operations, variety of activities and fitness enhancement.

Skilled Nursing

We provide highly qualified Registered Nurses and Licensed Vocational Nurses who offer home care services and essential instructions.

Nutrition Services

The combined knowledge and experience of our entire team of medical professionals ensures quality one-on-one healthcare.

Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy (PT) is a care that is designed to relieve pain and help you function, move and live better. Physical therapy can help clients recover from injury, relieve pain, prevent future injury or deal with chronic conditions.

Medical Social Service

Health care professionals offer support and home care services to communities, people or families who are challenged to deal with terminal illness, acute or chronic illness. They improve wellness and help clients achieve access to quality.

IV Therapy

"IV" stands for intravenous, which means that it is delivered into the veins. The fluid that includes vitamins and minerals is given through an IV drip or injection into the vein, allowing the treatment to pass rapidly into your bloodstream.

Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy therapists allow individuals of all ages to enjoy their lives to the fullest by helping them maintain wellbeing and prevent—or best live with—injury, sickness, or impairment.

Speech Therapy

We are dedicated to helping an adult or child improve his/her communication skills in all environments. Speech therapy appointments are tailored to fulfil each individual's special needs.