Best Home Health and Hospice Service

Evaluation Services

If through your review, you come to the realization that the patient is physically failing and will benefit from hospice care, we are a telephone call away.

Our certified team member can visit with the patient at a time that is appropriate for them, whether in the hospital, nursing home, or at their home, and will not only do an appraisal but will also advise the patient and/or loved one about Care Must Hospice Services at no expense. Yes, the patient is not charged for this service.

After the consultation and review of the patient’s health, it is concluded if the patient is eligible for nursing home and will benefit from hospice services and that if the patient and/or family one chooses Care Must Hospice Services and if you both agree with our determination, the patient can be admitted to our facilities immediately. We’re admitting 24/7.

Our mission is those individuals who are living with life-limiting illnesses we will provide compassionate care through our dedicated medical, spiritual, emotional, and social support team not only to those individuals but to those who care for them.

With the support of our team, our vision is to provide compassionate, competent, and cost-effective end-of-life healthcare to all individuals under our care.

For more details on our programs, please contact our qualified team member at (408) 755-1215. You can either use the referral form to fill in the details, or you can download and fax it to us at (408) 663-5235