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Grief is a common reaction to the loss of someone you care about and who was close to your heart. You might experience a range of feelings, such as depression or isolation. And you might be experiencing that for a variety of causes. Everyone grieves in their own way. You will recover if you accept your feelings, take care of yourself, and get help from Grief Support San Jose groups. We know that grieving can begin weeks or months before death and that it can continue for weeks or months after death at Care Must Hospice. We providse mourning and bereavement counseling to family and loved ones not only when patients are in our care, but also for up to 13 months after death if necessary. We will always be at your side, listening and assisting you in getting through this difficult and challenging moment.

Grief reactions may include:

  • You’re feeling hollow and numb as if you’re in shock.
  • Nausea, difficulty breathing, crying, confusion, loss of stamina, dry mouth, or changes in sleeping and feeding habits are all physical reactions.
  • Anger directed at a circumstance, an individual, or the world in general
  • Feeling guilty over what you did or didn’t do
  • Loss of appetite or overeating
  • Withdrawal from friends, relatives, and traditional hobbies
  • Have trouble concentrating, working, or making decisions
  • Challenges to the sense, importance, and reason you see in life; questions about religion or spirituality


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