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At Care Must Home Health care and Hospice Care Center caring is our main concern. We believe that maintaining high medical integrity, maintaining a team spirit among employees, and providing a fun, relaxed, and pleasant atmosphere for our patients and their visitors is the most successful way to provide compassionate treatment. We provide :-

The Hospice Physician

A hospice Physician is an individual from the hospice care group who is liable for recognizing a patient’s requirement for end-of-life services and making a reference. This colleague is likewise liable for giving hospice data to families and patients, which includes describing how hospice works. Hospice doctors are encouraged to stay involved, engaging in the hospice care plan, as a member of the care team.

The Hospice Nurse

A hospice nurse gives active nursing care in the patient’s home or a hospice. Hospice medical attendants manage pain and different side effects, offer help to patients and families. In addition to this, hospice caring nurses order supplies or obtain the necessary equipment to care for the patient at home and ensure medications are available.

The Hospice Aide

Hospice Aide empowers patients to remain in their homes by observing and recording patients’ condition, offering support and personal services, and instructing families. Monitors patient’s condition by noticing physical and mental condition. Supports patients by giving housekeeping and clothing services. Helps patients by offering individual types of assistance like washing, dressing and grooming.

The Hospice Social Worker

The role of a Hospice social worker is to advocate for each patient end of life wishes and help individuals address the emotional aspects of a terminal illness. Hospice social workers also help families in identifying other available local services and resources for additional support.

The Hospice Volunteer

Hospice volunteers play a critical role in the management of Hospice care. When family and friends are unable to be present, they are able to keep patients company. They just spend a while talking to the patient. They also often play the patient’s favorite games with them, like cards or chess. Some of the other things volunteers do include are Grocery shopping, Preparing meals for patients, Providing comfort and support, Transporting the patient to their doctor’s appointments, Helping with simple chores around the house.

The Hospice Chaplain

The task of the hospice chaplain is to help lead patients to a position of spirituality by helping them to see the importance and positive impact of their lives. Although the chaplain may not be able to offer all the answers that a patient may seek, it is safe to share these feelings, and having these talks will help pave the way to recovery.

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