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Story of Bella

She is  42 years woman who lost her Father and in just 1 Month she also lost her husband from cancer, it was a vulnerable situation for her to cope up with as she was very attached to her father and Husband. She lost all hopes in life. But Care Must Grief Support San Jose was always there for her, she was a really strong woman and CareMust support helped her to understand and reminded her of the value of her life.


She was a happy woman and after losing someone she loved was the most terrific thing in her life, it was hard for her to see even a ray of hope.  It was required for us to make her understand why is she on this planet Earth, What is the importance of life, How she can celebrate the legacy of her Husband and Father.


There was a time she can’t even imagine consuming these losses in her life. She was not believing it, which made the grief period hard for her.


We have to understand we have to go through this situation once in our lifetime.  Not the specific case as Bella but Birth and Grief is the situations every person go through once in their lifetime. Some people know how to absorb it but some don’t. It affects mental health and we understand as a health care support organization we have to make people understand Loss and Grief.


Grief is an uncomfortable feeling, discomfort and to deal with it people need motivation, care, and support to accept it and move forward in life by healing our hearts and Soul. Feeling comfortable after accepting a loss might be a hard journey. It’s a process, and there are grief and bereavement services available for your help to align your process of acceptance and reconstructing happiness in life.


Care must Grief Support San Jose helps you to move forward with the acceptance and happy memories of the loss.

“Grieving doesn’t make you imperfect. It makes you human.”
— Sarah Dessen.

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